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Acceptance of Others – Regardless of Gender Identity


The recognition of the diversity of Gender Identities has gained ground in recent years – there are of course a variety of points of view and it is an issue that should be addressed in the workplace.

Chulalongkorn University has supported and promoted the importance of gender diversity recognition and respect for the individual. No matter which gender (if any) the staff member chooses to go by, all are equally important to, and recognized by, the university.




Name: Nirutra Chuaihnu
Position: Academic Officer
Insititute: International Relations at the Faculty of Political Science


Nirutra Chuaihnu, known as Atom, works at the university in International Relations at the Faculty of Political Science and is open about gender issues. The university is keen to listen to – and be flexible with – identity labels and university staff have learnt to accept and are happy to work with Atom.

Enabling Staff to choose their own Gender Identity on Campus

I have worked for the university since 2002 and initially I was not really interested in LGBTQ+ issues. However, in the past 20 years, there has been progress in this area and The Political Science Faculty has recognized the importance of gender diversity issues. I think other faculties are also moving this way which means that we can show our real identities here. In the past, this may not have been possible. I think the university has changed and adapted in terms of social, human rights and welfare issues and I don’t feel any discrimination here.

Good Experiences Working at Chulalongkorn University

I have had some good experiences since I joined the university. I was accepted not only for my gender diversity, but also for my work performance. If both my work and responsibility are accepted, no matter which gender or what age I am, then I am happy. I joined a graduate training committee and behaved according to the rules and regulations. My title was not publicly shown as Mister and I was allowed to wear a skirt and a jacket when I was on official duties. I was not concerned whether anyone was interested in my gender identity. Chulalongkorn University has provided job opportunities for us so I think if we follow the employment rules of the university, we should not have any issues.


What Do You Want to Say about Chulalongkorn University, as an LGBTQ+ Representative?

I think all people should look at others as being equals. If we look at others as an equal, that is a good start and other issues such as welfare, marriage and vacations are not an issue.

Nirutra, or Atom, has represented one voice for gender diversity as a member of Chulalongkorn University staff, which has shown that the university has adapted to accept the changing diversity on campus. Educational institutes must be open to change – with new policies, including work evaluation and promotion – with no gender discrimination.

This is one voice representing gender diversity amongst Chulalongkorn University’s staff. At present, educational institutes are open and ready to adapt and respond to changes in society. This is also a reflection that as diversity is becoming more recognized and accepted, the university has to adjust and adapt its existing policies – including work evaluation and promotion – without discrimination in evaluating their employees’ performances. Other than work-related issues, Chulalongkorn University has realized the importance of living conditions for staff with gender differences by creating new welfare policies. For example, providing health insurance for a same-sex partner, as the regular group insurance does not provide benefits to them. In addition, the university has provided more all-gender restrooms across the campus and continues to investigate ways to make the campus a better place for all.

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