Disabilities do not mean Limited Potential (EN)

/Disabilities do not mean Limited Potential (EN)
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Limitations Without Limits


When we realize that there is something wrong with our body, what can we do? If our legs are unable to move the way they did before, or our eyes cannot see things as clearly as before, how will we cope? Have we ever thought about how we would deal with a disability, or what kind of help other people need in such cases? For Chulalongkorn University staff who face these challenges, there is a system to support them so that they can remain capable of working for the organization or contributing usefully to others and their workplace.

Realizing the importance of helping people with disabilities reach their full potential, the university has launched a project to promote valuable employment with inclusiveness, fairness and equality for all. This includes the creation of a good environment with the necessary facilities for people with disabilities on the campus to serve both university staff and the public. The university is also committed to providing positive reinforcement for disabled people who might not yet have enough selfconfidence in their potential or capability to work.

The Office of Human Resources Management has become a channel through which staff members with disabilities can share their experiences working as staff. The employment of the disabled is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. One of the indicators for the success of SDG 8 is the achievement of full and productive employment for all men and women, including young people and the disabled (Reference: National Economic and Social Development Council).


Reduction of Obstacles that Limit Capability Accessible Buildings for All



Those who have a problem with disability have a strong desire to travel around or carry out activities in their workplace comfortably. However, most public walkways or buildings in Thailand are still not designed or constructed to serve those who have physical limitations. As a result, they struggle to find ways to live a normal life and accomplish everyday tasks. Associate Professor Trairat Jarutach, head of the Department of Housing in the Faculty of Architecture, explores this challenge in a study titled Universal Design: Adjusting and Changing for Sustainability”. Universal design a design to serve all people is a key principle in the creation of surroundings and facilities that people of all ages can access, be they an ageing adult, an ablebodied person or a person with a disability. The goal is to create equality of access to any services anywhere, for the promotion of both physical and mental health.

Chulalongkorn University realizes the importance of facility management for disabled people using the campus, be they staff, students or the general public. Take for example Chamchuri Building 5, which received an award in 2020 for facilitating the disabled from the Ministry of Human Development and Human Security.

Chula Nives Dormitory PreRenovation

Chula Nives Dormitory PostRenovation

The university has carried out renovation work on the Chula Nives Dormitory in order to bring its old structure into compliance with the latest requirements for fire prevention systems and fire exits under the Building Control Act. In addition, the university has renovated other old buildings to ensure that they are accessible for disabled people and can also facilitate other staff, students and members of the public who may visit the campus in the future.

Current ramp layout and accessibility for the disabled in Chulalongkorn University area

The university emphasizes the significance of its personnel in all sectors and promotes diversity, equity, coexistence, and adherence to human rights principles under the university’s care. Therefore, the Office of Human Resources is designated as the entity responsible for various matters concerning all groups of personnel. If you wish to report any issues or concerns, you can contact the Benefits and Human Resources Management Division at telephone number 02-218-0263

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