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Employment and Welfare for Outsourcing Staff


Chulalongkorn University has an employment policy for outsourcing services to replace some specific positions, especially P9level staff which comprise a variety of workers such as maids, janitors, cleaning staff for buildings, walkways, floors, and building and system maintenance staff. The university has created terms of reference for the scope of services for employers, indicating the details for these outsourcing staff.

A Terms of Reference (TOR) with contractors (outsourced staff) shows that the university provides equal support, a good quality of life with a suitable remuneration, welfare insurance, uniform and equipment provision, as well as necessary staff development and training programs as they would to other full-time staff.

In light of the Covid19 pandemic, the university has also provided its outsourcing staff, both Thai and nonThai, with Covid19 vaccinations. All Thai outsourcing staff received their first doses on May 2425, 2021, followed by nonThai outsourcing staff on May 28, 2021. A third booster shot was given to all the outsourcing staff on October 22 and 25 as follows:

  • 187 subcontract maids
  • 82 janitors and cleaning staff for buildings, walkways and floors
  • 132 subcontract staff for building and system maintenance for 7 buildings
  • 150 outsourcing staff for internal construction work

This is evidence of the importance Chulalongkorn University places on the quality of life for all outsourcing staff, with key welfare to ensure that they have had good health and living conditions.

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