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Remuneration Rates


Acknowledging the need for employees to have a good quality of life, the university pays employees and staff a sufficient wage for living in Bangkok, where the university occupies a location in the central district. We have paid staff at least the minimum wage for Bangkok, according to the labor law, at 353 baht a day or 9,930 baht a month. Fulltime employees are paid at a starting rate at 19,500 baht a month.


By paying a starting monthly rate for fulltime employees that is more than double the minimum wage for Bangkok, the university has shown that it is concerned about the costs of living for employees in the capital city. The rates given are considered appropriate and sufficientto enable all employees to have a good quality of life and living conditions. In addition, Chulalongkorn University provided them with different types of welfare, covering health, financial services, education and residence, in supporting them to work at the university.

Payment for remuneration or welfare is made according to the regulations of Chulalongkorn University on criteria and monthly salary payment rates. The rules governing compensation for university staff for a given position state that it must be made from the first salary of a members official employment. Rates are set based on educational qualifications, skills, knowledge, competence and relevant experience for the position being hired or promoted. This is in accordance with any fields in which there is a shortage of staff or demand from the labor market, with no discrimination against anyone based on nationality, religion, age or sexual/gender differences. Under the gender equality policy in human resources management, And university have a Gander Pay Gap Report as follows:

Gender Pay Gap Report 2023 >> (Click)



Welfare and Benefits



  • Group health insurance, flexible health welfare benefits and single life insurance
    Chulalongkorn University provides all staff with insurance covering health; accident and dentistry; and flexible welfare (there are seven types including a refundable health promotion and healthcare) at a cost of 11,000 baht per employee. There are optional plans for staff to enable them to choose additional cover for health, protection, accident and dentistry for their families and loved ones (or same-sex partner) at a special rate and also a single life insurance policy. The university is responsible for the policy premium payments for staff and security officers until they reach the retirement age of sixty years old.
    Chulalongkorn University Announcement Re: Tender invitation for group life, accident and health insurance policies for personnel and their family members Year 2021-2022
  • Social Security Welfare Fund
    The university arranges social security insurance for all staff to help cover health expenses, and insurance for costs of living to assist staff in sharing any potential risks that might arise or provide them with other additional replacement benefits. All staff have to contribute to the fund with a deduction from their monthly salary of 5% (maximum 750 baht) as a self-insured person.
  • Compensation Fund
    In case of any accidents, sickness, death or loss resulting from work, the university has a compensation fund to support staff and families according to criteria and rates indicated in the labor law.
  • Subsidy for health expenses in case of accidents in the workplace
    In case of accidents resulting from work where staff cannot obtain any refund from the social security fund and/or apart from group insurance protection, the university will consider approving a subsidy for health expenses. This is done by considering a refund according to government criteria.
  • Annual Health Checkup
    The university arranges an annual health check-up with a provision of seasonal vaccinations such as influenza vaccine.
  • Sports and Recreation Center
    The university has spaces and facilities with sports equipment for workouts and sports around the campus. They include the CU sports stadium, tennis courts, indoor sports stadium, golf putting area, seaside volleyball, a 25-meter swimming pool, an outdoor fitness center, Chandra Yingong stadium and Chindaraks stadium. These facilities serve the lifestyle of health-conscious people who like to do exercise and/or play sports. They can enjoy a variety of activities, both as individuals and in groups, free of charge. In addition, staff members of university staff can use the services at the sports and recreation center under a special offer.
  • Provident Fund
    The university has arranged a provident fund for all staff to help promote long-term savings, with funds given to the staff member when he/she retires or resigns. This can be insurance for a family in case of resignation or death. A juristic entity offers benefits and remuneration for staff:

    • Working record of less than 5 years: accumulated money 3-15% of monthly salary/contributions 3% of monthly salary
    • Working record of more than 5 years: accumulated money 5-15% of monthly salary/contributions 5% of monthly salary

   For more information about the provident fund and an application form, visit http://www.hrm.chula.ac.th and select “Provident Fund”

  • University Loans
    Loans can be arranged for a house with a land, mortgage redemption, renovation and repair, purchase of a condominium unit of house construction. If a staff member has been working at Chulalongkorn University for three consecutive years, he/she will be charged with an interest rate of 3% for a 20-year loan.

    (In case of a loan to build a house with land or purchase a condominium room, staff are allowed to apply for a loan at 100% of the assessed property value, to a maximum of 3,000,000 baht).
    (For a loan for mortgage redemption for a building with land or a condominium room, the amount will be based on the remaining debt only, to a maximum of 3,000,000 baht).
  • Bank loans for the purchase of a residence or other purposes
    are available from the Government Housing Bank, Government Savings Bank, Krungthai Bank, and TMBThanachart Bank. A staff member can request a form via the university Fiori system to contact any bank for various purposes such as a housing, condominium or multi-purpose loan.

The university follows Ministry of Education regulations to provide teachers and staff with some subsidies for education:

  • For children’s education for university staff at Chulalongkorn University Demonstration School (CUDS), staff in academic fields have the right to enroll their children at CUDS, both at the primary and secondary level.
  • Subsidies for Children’s Education for University Staff
    Any university staff who have not enrolled their children at CUDS, and have already worked at the university for more than one year, are entitled to the following educational welfare funds:

    • From grades 1 to 6, 6,000 baht for each/academic year
    • From grades 7 to 12 for both academic and vocational courses, 7,200 baht each/academic year.
  • Withaya Nives Dormitory
    A 14-storey building (air-conditioned rooms) available for monthly rental for P8-level staff onward, excluding staff from other university business offices and contracted staff who has been working for more than one year.
  • Chula Nives Dormitory (under renovation)
    A 4-storey building (non-air-conditioned rooms) with a monthly/yearly rent for P8-level staff onward, excluding staff from other university business offices and contracted staff who have been working for more than one year.
  • Chula Nivas Dormitory
    A 15-storey building (196 rooms) available for monthly rental for all P9-level staff such as a security officers, drivers, janitors and other workers who have been working for more than one year.
  • Staff ID Cards
    These cards make staff eligible for many privileges at the university such as a permission to use the central library for book borrowing, the sports and recreation center, other faculty areas, etc.
  • CUNET Authen (CU Internet Authentication System)
    This free WiFi internet service allows staff to access the university’s online service systems such as CUHR e-Learning, CUERP-Fiori archives, CU NEX Staff for university information and activities, e-mail for all staff etc.
  • Staff Services at the Office of Resource Affairs (Central Library)
    This venue for academic resources, knowledge, data and information is available for all staff to access for knowledge enhancement, book borrowing or for co-working space, meetings or conferences.
  • Thai Royal Decorations
    • The Highly Honorable Order of the White Elephant
    • The Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand
    • The Most Admirable Order of the Direkgunabhorn   
  • Golden Honor Pin
    A golden pin is provided to a university staff member who has worked for more than 25 years to honor them for their loyal contribution to the university. It will be given to the staff member on the year of his/her retirement (before the retirement day on September 30 every year) or when he/she is no longer working as a staff member, either due to a position cancellation, resignation or death. 
  • Funeral Rites
    The university offers funeral benefits for all staff, including family members such as a father, mother, spouse and children, by providing money for a funeral rite ceremony, a wreath and other necessary items, and transport for staff to attend the funeral.

    • up to 10,000 baht per person for a funeral rite ceremony
    • up to 3,000 baht for a wreath or other items
    • up to 5,000 baht for transport and reimbursement of real expenses incurred for staff to attend the funeral.
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